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BikeToursDirect represents Best Tuscan Tours in North America.
We’ve worked extensively with Dom, and I’ve ridden with him and his company. 

Our clients give rave reviews, and I can personally vouch for  their service and  professionalism. 



22 October 2012


We wanted to share with you our treasured memories from our wedding day in Florence. We hope you can

sense from these pics what an AMAZING DAY it was. Dom & Laura Cerisano at Best Tuscan Tours made it all

possible. Grazie mille!!!!


Randy & Laura


20 October 2012

Hi Dom,

like always, everything went perfect, city tour was a big success :-)

Thank you



27 September 2012

We had the most amazing time riding with you.  Those three days were definitely a highlight of our

honeymoon.  We can't stop talking about how beautiful the scenery was, how great the Palazzo and Radda were

and how much we loved the Tuscan food and wine!  And, you were such a fantastic guide---we really enjoyed

riding with you! And, Roberto was the best support crew we could ask for---he made a great paparazzi!

Thank you all so much for making that part of our trip so flawless---we hope to come back soon!

Thank you,

Lauren and Ross


26 July 2012


Hotel is amazing.  Scenery is breath-taking.  The bikes are unpacked and put together.   We are psyched

and ready to go!!!



21 July 2012

Hi All.  We had a wonderful trip in Tuscany.  The hotels were great, the luggage transfer was smooth, and the

scenery was wonderful.



22 May 2012


You may or may not recall us, but the Laughlin's and Gaylord's spent a day with you and Fernando riding the

Tuscan countryside (via Florence) and stopping for an incredible lunch and wine tasting at Padre le Cappella. 

What memories just thinking about it bring back.

We trust and hope you are well.  It has been six years since we shared that special day and the Laughlin's,

Gaylord's and some additional friends (Vought's and Butlers) are heading back to the region to spend a week

……Needless to say, because we spoke so highly of our time in Florence with you, the Gaylavabuts (as we are

called) would love the chance to ride with you again and visit the Dom and his lovely daughter ……. once again. 

As we said, we'd love to see you again.

 Best regards,


 Mark R. Gaylord


17 July, 2011

Kids (and we) had a fantastic trip. Thanks a ton. ………………To sum it up the kids will
have fond memories thanks to you and Laura.
Ciao, mille grazia
Marty and Laurie

6 June, 2011

Dear Dominick, Laura and Leif,

We would like to thank you very much for the excellent organization!
We were very happy with everything: the hotels (especially the one in Radda), the routes, the description to get back to Firenze, the carefully put together folder and recommendations, and Leif’s support on getting out of town!

31 May, 2011

Thanks again to all of you for your wonderful support of our program. It is the first time in 12 years of leading travel programs that I was truly able to focus on my curriculum ………………..Your excellent planning and assistance made that possible.
Grazie mille,

27 May, 2011

Thank you so much for everything. Our whole time in Italy was amazing and it worked out very well.
Thank you very much

18 May, 2011

Your team was gracious and we always feel secure in their hands.
Thanks again,

5 May, 2011

I want to thank you for the job done - we had good training ………………And we were lucky to have really nice weather these days.
Roberto did really great job- hope our strong guys had not tired him too much.

25 September, 2010

Ciao Laura & Dom

Our Piedmont experience was fantastic. Nice travel arrangements as well as nice people. Our friends were delighted by the warm service provided by all of you. Please share with your team our congrats.
Grazie again. Hope to see you soon!
Baci to all of you
Claudia & Milton

11 June, 2009
Dear Laura,
We had a great holiday [in Europe] and the highlight was our Best Tuscan Tour Bike trip. All I can say is thank you and your team for a wonderful time, sorry we did not get a chance to meet you ….but we will do that next time. Please give Dom and big hug from us and we will be in touch. I think we will become your new voice in Canada.

25 October, 2008


Our trip to Italy was wonderful. Thanks to everyone at Best Tuscan Tours for making us all feel well cared for! As Leif can attest our group was very diverse in personalities, riding abilities and interests, but he made us all feel this this trip was designed for each of us! I can't say enough about Leif, all of the drivers (especially Francesco!) and the folks at the villa. And a huge thank you to whoever wants to take credit for the weather!

I know everyone feels as I do and we will all highly recommend Best Tuscan Tours to anyone we know planning a trip to Italy. Colette was so very patient with all our changes; Leif put up with our picture taking and inability to find our way around Florence! and Francesco was the perfect host to those who chose not to ride parts of the day.

Again, you are a wonderful group of hosts and certainly "know your stuff".

Thank you all so much. You made my job of coordinating this much easier and more enjoyable - everything went perfectly.


15 October, 2008

Dear Colette,

We had the best vacation. Thanks so much for all your help. I must confess that I was a little nervous about the house and even Dicomano. The town was not on any tour guides and there was very little information. Everything exceeded our expectations. The house was fabulous. The pictures do not do it justice. The setting is perfect. We especially liked Dicomano. It was not touristy which was great and it was quant without being cutesy. The train station was a breeze to locate and is an easy ride to Firenze.

Leif and Roberto did an excellent job. The routes were perfect. I was specific in my request for distances and grade and Leif picked rides that precisely matched my request.

You were very patient and we thank you for all your hard work. Let me not forget Roberto. He will always be my image of a traditional Italian. He went out of his way to let us know the proper ways of an Italian. He is so proud of his country and rightfully so.

If you ever need me as a reference I will gladly supply a glowing recommendation.



23 September, 2008


Thanks so much for a great trip and an amazing last guided day on the bikes. We will send off more pictures from our side when we get a chance (we have some great scenic shots).

Best regards,
Lee Crocker

21 July 2008


We love the photos, we’ve already printed and one is being framed.
And thanks for your assistance with our bike and winery tour. Both were incredible.
Barbara and I loved every minute of our day.

Give our best to Dominick as well.

Warm regards,
Bob & Barbara Gruters

15 July 2008

Colette and Dominick,

Let me thank you what was a very memorable day in the country from start to finish. And, while we started with a couple of skeptics about their ability to get through the biking portion of the day (the girls of course), in the end they were already looking forward to doing it again on our return next year.

I look forward to staying in touch.

Best regards
Larry Kestin

15 July, 2008

Ciao Leif

Many thanks to you and Paolo for looking after me and showing me the delights (and hills) of Tuscany. Paolo particularly showed sensitivity and restraint in nursing this old bloke up the hills, and I felt secure at all times while under both your care.

Please pass on my thanks to Dom.

I look forward to riding with you both again.

With kind regards.
Keith Lapthorne

8 July 2008


I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know we had a super day yesterday with Leif, Leonardo, and Lucy. Leif did a super job pacing the ride, and he and Lucy provided much interesting commentary about the area. Leonardo did not only a masterful job navigating the van around the ride, but he also captured several nice shots on our camera of the ride so that we'll have something to remember it by. On a scale of 1 to 10, my son Kyle gave it a 10, so the day certainly hit the mark.

Hats off to you and your team for running a great operation. Besides the folks we spent the day with, Colette was super over the past several months being very responsive to my numerous emails, in a very gracious manner. I do hope we'll have the chance to return and do more touring with your team. Please do pass along our thanks to all of them.

All the best,

Kevin Oye

24 June 2008

Once again everything about our trip was great. Very well balanced
between riding and site seeing/shopping. Michele had a great time and
I am sure she thought she would spend the week just watching me ride.

I have told most of our club ride about the trip and your services so
maybe you will get a few more visitors from Clearwater, FL.

Michael Wanger

10 June 2008

Hello Dominick,

I wanted to check-in with you to let you know that this has been the best trip we have ever been on! We have really enjoyed the people, the sights and the food. This trip has been everything we had hoped for and more. Your team is wonderful and each of them has gone out of their way to make this a memorable experience for us. You made this vacation stress-free and so relaxing.There has been the perfect balance of sightseeing, shopping and downtime. Italy is so lovely and has so much to offer.

Michael and I appreciate all you have done for us and we cannot wait to return. I don't know how I am going to survive without my gelato fix each day!

Take care,
Michele Wanger

22 June 2008

Hi Dominick

Our trip with Leif was by far the absolute best we have both ever experienced ever...the hills, wine and his company were amazing....we were sad to leave.

I will email more another time...thanks for putting together such an incredible trip for us.

Ed Bidinotto

24 June 2008

Hello all.

As much as I loved Italy I am so very happy to be home in beautiful Colorado. Ed has already written you but I would like to add once again my appreciation for helping to make our trip to Italy a most memorable and wonderful adventure. The sights and sounds of Tuscany will continue to bring pleasure and a place to escape to in my mind on those days when life seems tedius and boring or burdensom with work. You were all so very nice to spend time with. The energy of our little group was always positive and I don't recall any whining or complaining. Colette and Leif, you have the best of people skills and are true professionals in your chosen line of work. I don't know what Dominick pays you but I'm sure you both deserve a raise:).

Highest of regards to you all!

Connie Miller

24 June 2008

Hi Everybody....!!! Thanks a lot for making this trip one of my best experiences ever..... when I am back home I promised to write more. I really enjoyed the trip, the physical challenge, the Tuscan scenery, wine tasting.... but most of all to met you, it was a rewarding experience that I thanks God. Even the first day tough we had never met before I felt in a kind of real team, like we were going to fulfilled a task and that we were together, I would like to repeat this in the future, and would like you all to be there..!!

Leonardo Yanes

24 June 2008

Greetings from Arizona. I can't believe our trip is over, I'm ready for another ride.

Thanks again, Leif, Roberto, & Colette for making this such a great trip.

Robin Laks


2 May 2008


While waiting for our plane back to Paris, we wanted to thank you a lot for this great week in Tuscany. We know how easy it is to criticize!
The hotels and restaurants were perfect . We mostly enjoyed the ones in Radda (marvellous food and atmosphere ) .
The hotel in Siena was very charming, especially having breakfast in the garden in front of the Tuscan landscape is an experience!

Thanks a lot for everything, including also the logistics and we look forward to our next trip to Italy with your help.

Warm regards,

Christian Mongodin

25 Dec 2007

Hello Leif,

It's Edmund (we rode a bike tour together last month).  How are you doing?  I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful trip and our excellent conversations.  Definitely, I'd like to visit you again and do another bike trip (perhaps next summer, hehe). 

Also, I wish you a very happy holiday and a fantastic new year!  Let's stay in touch. 
Thanks very much again and take care!  
Edmund Kwan 

26 Nov 2007

Ciao Colette!

I just wanted to let you know what an AMAZING tour we had with Tuscany Bike Tours!  I can't rave enought about it to everyone! It was indeed THE highlight of our trip to Tuscany this past September! 

The guys that ran the tour were awesome hosts, so knowledgeable and great company to spend the day with, the restaurant we ate at was amazing and the course we took on our bikes gave us phenomenal views of the entire region and allowed us a glimpse into local life....and the bike tour was just challenging enough to still remain enjoyable!  Oh and the winery where we started was adorable, too! 

We appreciate your help in booking our tour, we had a great time and we will definitely recommend your company to others that might be travelling  to the area!  I hope your holidays are enjoyable and that you have a great New Year, too!!
Jackie Catalano 

12 Nov 2007

Hi Colette
Thanks very much for organising our trip.  We had a great time, and were really impressed with the trip on the whole. We were really happy all round!  The bikes were in really good condition.  The directions and maps were brilliant..
Thanks very much though for all your help and organising!
Will definitely refer you onto our friends and family!

From Nicky Bretherick

9 Nov 2007

Dear Colette,

My apologies for the belated feedback!

Craig and I had a fabulous trip and LOVED Tuscany. Leif and the van support drivers were wonderful, friendly and very knowledgeable. I am sure I provided them with plenty of amusement as I struggled up the steeper hills, however their fresh pineapple was what got me there in the end and for that I am very appreciative.

We loved the restaurant recommendations and the beautiful standard of the accommodation provided, and would not hesitate to recommend Best Tuscan Tours to friends and family.

Many thanks & warmest regards,
Megan Vaughan

7 Nov 2007


Thank you so much for arranging what was a very memorable vacation. Everything from the Bianchi bikes we rode to the routes went smoothly for us. We enjoyed the stops at recommended vineyards and cafes, and were extrememly pleased with the accomodations. We appreciated the fully loaded tool kit and pump available to us, as we had a flat the first day out.

We loved the opportunity to explore this beautiful region on our own time schedule and would recommend this to other experienced cyclists. Our photographs show what a fabulous experience this was. Alan will forward a few photos to you as soon as he can. 

We will give Best Tuscan Tours a very positive recommendation to anyone interested in a self-guided tour of Tuscany.

Shelley Bobman

24 Aug 2007

Hi Colette!

I am writing to tell you that the bike tour was fantabulous! I am so glad we were able to be fit in the next day. The guys are genuinely accommodating and provided a tour that was the highlight of our trip!

They say when you have an unhappy customer they tell 10 people... in this case you have a very happy customer who has told more than 10 people about this bike trip. The guys left nothing out in the trip.
They were entertaining as well as seeing to every detail to make us all happy.

Plus we had some challenging people on our trip that could have really made the trip horrible. They were able to turn them into enjoyable participants.. I really can't say enough good things about them... thanks for setting us up with them for this tour.

Michelle Wolpe

15 Aug 2007

Dominick and Leif,

As I sit at 30,000 feet over the North Atlantic, I am realizing what a fantastic tour you two arranged and executed. This was a memorable trip for our family - the cycling, the cuisine, the scenery, the wine, the wonderful accommodations, the friendliness of the people were overwhelming.
Thanks again for the wonderful service (and thanks also to dependable Roberto).

I will certainly spread the word about our great experience with Best Tuscan Tours to anyone that will listen!

Josh Jacobs

7 Aug 2007

Hi Colette,

I am all settled in back home and wanted to send a quick email to say how impressed I was by the tour.
We both had a wonderful time, the hotels were great, the route and the biking was great, and both Leif and Roberto made for wonderful guides and van support.

I am happily recommending you to my friends and hopefully I'll be in touch again soon about another tour.

Cheers, Nicole Aylwin

24 July 2007

Ciao Colette,

I finally had a chance to go through all of my pictures from our trip in Italy and started reminiscing about what a great time we had.  I wanted to thank you for putting together such a great package for us.  Even though Yvonne hurt her ankle we had a fantastic time. 

The accommodations and the biking that your company arranged for us were perfect.  Of course, it is hard to go wrong in Tuscany. 

It really is a magical place.  I look forward to a trip in the near future with some of my more serious biking friends and hope to have you organize another custom experience for us.  I also want to let you know that Leif Karlsson and Roberto were amazing guides. Thank you again for a first class trip. 

I have and will continue to recommend your company to all of my adventurous friends.

Anna Cabral

12 July 2007

Ciao Dominick,

Jeff and I had a great time! Andy was an excellent guide and made the trip wonderful for both Jeff and myself.
We appreciated the flexibility of being able to ride just for the day. Florence by Bike was also an excellent resource.

Hopefully, we will be back again soon!

Mary Anne McMurren

8 July 2007

Hi Colette,

Andy did a wonderful job and even took Mary Annes' bike back to Florence by Bike!

We will miss Italy and plan to return soon. Many thanks for your help and support with the Biking.
The Florence by Bike folk were very helpful, and we stocked up on jerseys.

Please give everyone our sincere thanks, and we will be good ambassadors for you in the US.

Jeffrey Sprague, Ph.D.

9 July 2007

Hi Dominick,
You took me, Shelley, Cheryl and Kathryn on a wonderful day tour on June 18th, we had a great day thanks to you and Robbie.

Thank you,
Cathy Roberts

9 June 2007

The trip was very impressive. I loved the cooking classes.
The trip turned out to be as lovely as it sounded on paper during the planning process.  It was truly a custom tour, and met all of our expectations.

I would definitely consider another trip and have already recommended Best Tuscan Tours to my friends.

Cathy Hagan

14 May 2007

Ciao Colette,

Sam and I are home safe and sound, and we both enjoyed our trip very much.  The bike was the most comfortable I have every ridden; I would like to know the make and model.  Can you tell me?

Your staff was very helpful and friendly. 

The Hotel San Niccolo in Radda was exceptional, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others.  In fact, it was the best hotel we stayed at in Italy!

We loved the varied landscape of the Tuscan countryside, the many quaint villages that our route took us through and the increditble views!  We shopped at the Ceramiche Rampini despite our intent not to, as the work is truly beautiful.

I think Best Tuscan Tours offers good value for the money, but adding the travel information would make it exceptional.

Thank you for making our trip great.

Best regards

Tracy Penner

23 April 2007

Colette, Dominick, Leif
We had a great trip! Thanks so much.

Diane Warren

21 April 2007

Hi Dom, 
Just a quick note to thank you for the ride on Monday.  It was really just what I was looking to do and I truly enjoyed your company on the ride.  You can rest assured that I will spread the word back here in Boston.  I would very much like to come back for a more extended riding vacation, so I'll be in touch.  Best to Paolo.

Mark Goldberg

1 Oct 2006

I just wanted to thank for such a great trip last Sunday. It was truly an experience that I will never forget! I will plan again in the future to use your services the next time we make it back to Tuscany.
Todge Sutkowski 

28 Nov 2005

Hi Dom,
We had such a wonderful time with you both. I would do it again in 2 seconds. It was really the highlight of the trip for me. I will definitely contact you again to do the Italian coast and Elba Island.
Best for the holiday season, Leigh

28 Sep 2005

Dear Dominick,
Mike and I really enjoyed the trip and thought the routes marvellous - we're still reliving them in our minds. Hope you are keeping well and enjoying your next venture.
All good wishes
Angela and Michael

24 Sep 2005

Dear Dominick,
Thank you for everything. You put together a great trip and a great team.
All the best.

13 Jul 2005

Hi Cat and Dom,
I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed our cycling tour with you. It was a truly memorable experience. You introduced us to your friends, showed us some unforgettable sights, and just plain made the whole trip a lot of fun. I fell in love with "Florence and Tuscany. Jac and I are taking Italian language classes! I hope we keep in touch, and have the ability to see each other in the future. Anytime you are in Austin, please let us know.
We will show you around, and make sure you have a great time.
Ciao, Pearl

06 Jun 2005

It has been nearly a year since we went on the fabulous bike trip with you. We are all still talking about it and I have given your information to several people who are planning trips to Forence.
Kind regards
Kathy Bakerehm

19 May 2005

Hey Dominick,
I just wanted to thank you for putting together such an awesome trip for our group. We enjoyed every minute of it! Also, can you tell me the name of that 5 star hotel on the coast that you mentioned to us. My family and I may try to check it out in August (let you know if we do).
Thanks again for a wonderful Tuscan experience.
Cheers, Mary Romero

Other Guest Comments

“Private bike tour with Dominick. Excellent decision! Dominick is unlike the other tours we passed along the way. This was very personal and we rode to our ability without having to wait on other people or go to a set route. We experienced Tuscany and then some. I will definitely do this again on my next trip to Italy.”

“Our trip to Italy was fantastic! One of the highlights was the half-day bike tour of Italy with Dominic. We had a very diverse group of bike riders and Dominic was able to map out a tour that was slightly challenging, slow paced and for the most part easy and relaxing. We were delighted by his knowledge of Olive Oil and Wine production, he pointed out a variety of different olive and fig trees. Another added bonus was the restaurants and markets he pointed out – we ended up going to all the restaurants he recommended. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend him, it's a great way to break up your trip and do something different than walk around to all the tourist spots and stand in line at a museum!”
John H.

My wife and I wanted to take a moment to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for our bicycle tour through the Tuscan hills to Fiesole! As you know, my wife and I went on our private tour with you on our last day in Florence and it truly was the highlight of our stay. To see the "real" Tuscan countryside and eat delicious authentic food at a local restaurant/winery made the experience that much more enjoyable. Additionally, the different fitness levels of me and my wife posed no real challenge for our tour and you did an excellent job of keeping us safe and making sure we both had fun. By the way, thanks for letting me win the one short sprint to the top of the hill! Being an avid cyclist, I had always dreamed of riding through Tuscany and now I have. As a result of our experience I am committed to coming back early next summer to ride with you and some of my more serious cycling buddies on our custom-designed tour.
Grazie Mille, Ciao! Pam & Bud P.

“Our day bike trip up the hill to Fiesole was fantastic! Our guide Dominick was super conscious about looking out for our safety and enjoyment during the whole trip. I can't tell you how impressed I was about that. He also is extremely knowledgeable about the area and his passion and excitement for Italy comes through in all his stories and explanations of life, olives & wine in Italy. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone. It would also be great for families with kids because of Dom's excellent regard to safety and awareness. The lunch we had was one of the best we had in Italy. We joined a family and thank goodness had ridden up some hills so that our appetite was able to handle the massive amount of delicious food that seemed to keep coming from the kitchen. I can't wait to go back to Italy again and go on another bike tour with this company. One really absorbs the beauty of the Italian countryside when experiencing it via bike.”
Elise E.

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