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2013 Racing WRC Custom Cycle Tour Itinerary

Dear Friends,

As you may already be aware the 2013 UCI World Cycling Championships will be held in Tuscany next September. The elite mens road race will be held on Sunday, September 29th, 2013 from Lucca to Florence. Of course we will be there and hope you will too!

We are pleased to present our custom tour Itinerary for this very special world class event.

We are opening this tour up first to our previous touring guests or the Best of the Best as we like to call you. Why? Because you are the strongest most capable road cycling guests we have had the pleasure of serving over the past decade. This tour has been specially designed for you and your non riding guests. We also intend to invite new guests to this special event depending on availability.

Once you have decided to join us we will be forwarding Garmin Route information for you to begin your training at home for these challenging rides. Of course we will culminate this tour with a ride of the official mens route from Lucca to Florence. This tour is open to cyclists of the intermediate to high fitness level and their non riding partners.

We have also included some of our top off bike activities for your non riding partner who may wish to join you. Beyond the included activities we have some wonderful optional activities which we can arrange upon request.  Additional highlights of this tour include our final Gala dinner prepared by Chef Duccio Prussi one of Italys top private chefs.

Of course, as you have come to expect from us, all lodgings and transportation will be first class. Our team is excited to have our repeat guests back touring with us and to welcome newcomers.

Finally, as our way of saying thank you to the local community our company will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this tour to the Tommasino Foundation a well known local charity to help fight childrens brain cancer. We will present our donation at the final gala dinner. Our company has been friends of Barbara and Paolo (Tommasinos Parents) for many years and we want to take this opportunity to help them in their efforts to find treatments and a cure for this terrible disease.

So please have a look at some of the features of this very special tour and we hope you will decide to join us for what will certainly be a most memorable event.

Thank You!


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Dominick Cerisano, Founder & C.C.O (Chief Cycling Officer)
Best Tuscan Tours, LLC